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Our Intention

Forget all of the
stress of work, the
to do lists, the
the chores,
unplug, unwind &

Our intention and ultimate goal is for your experience at Healing Hanz  Wellness & Healing Center is to leave you RELAXED, RECHARGED and REJUVENATED . When you leave us you will have an overall feeling of wellbeing & you will come see us again & enjoy another experience.


Call to schedule your appointment for any of our Wellness & Healing Therapy sessions.  Let us know which modalities you are interested in experiencing.  If you have any special needs, our staff will be happy to discuss them with you so that we may accommodate you in any way possible.  

Come choose from any of the  modalities we offer to continue on your wellness journey or to help heal you and keep you well.  W offer many retail items for your healing and wellness such as essential oils, essential oil/aroma therapy lamps, sage, one of a kind healing infused jewelry and many other items that we are sure will peak your interest.

Even though we have opened our Wellness & Healing Center, we know that some of you are still not able to make it here, we still offer mobile appointments. You can pick the date and time & our therapist will be at your door, with all of the equipment needed to give you a full service, individually designed experience in the convenience of your own home. You will enjoy your therapy without the hassle of having to travel to and from The Wellness & Healing Center.  We will leave you feeling truly RELAXED, RECHARGED and REJUVENATED, in your own home, to enjoy the rest of the day as you wish.


OR CALL/TEXT US AT 917-361-2239  




Take a breath, absorb the

positive energy and 


We'll send you back out the door,

ready to take on

whatever comes

next, feeling

brand new &


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